Everyone has the right to thrive!

If someone thrives, they do well in life and are successful, healthy, and strong. Families who have experienced family and domestic violence may lack the ability to thrive. Families struggling to stay safe are often in ‘survival mode’. Nardine is committed to supporting families to get to a place in life where they are thriving, not just surviving.

Who we are

Thriving not surviving

Nardine is committed to supporting families to thrive, be safe, be successful, healthy physically and mentally and live self-fulfilled lives. We are passionate to see women and children have equal access to economic and social opportunities and freedom from violence. Women and children deserve the right to live each day of their lives free from violence; with respect and dignity and be treated ethically.

How we can help


Nardine believes clients are experts in their own experience and future. The role of our caseworkers is to facilitate a client-centred, trauma informed approach to ensure clients are at the centre of the decision making.

Nardine approach is

Client Focused


Strength Based

Everybody has the right to thrive

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